How to recover a terminated YouTube account

Published on 19th March 2014 by admin

YouTube most popular website in Alexa top website list and it is the second most popular search engine as well, after Google. YouTube is world’s most popular video publishing website with over 1.5 billion active users monthly.

YouTube has become a great source of income for video creators, there are millions of peoples around the world, which are working full time on their YouTube channel’s and YouTube is their primary source of income.

A form will open which will ask three things

Email address you use to sign in to your Google Account *

Email address we can use to contact you

Please briefly explain why you think your access was suspended in error. Please include any relevant information that you believe could have caused the suspension. *

Write following text in last input field


Suspension of my YouTube account is an error because I didn’t violate any terms & conditions of YouTube. My Channels have … (Write your count) videos and …. (Write your video views) Views. All my videos are originally created by me. Please recover my account as soon as possible.”

How to recover a terminated YouTube account


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